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With a simple text, you’re on your way to better.

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Summer Health: Providing hopeful pediatric care via text message

When your child isn’t feeling well, the quicker you can go from finding out what’s happening to resolving it, the better. With Summer Health, tapping into the expertise of medical professionals takes a simple text. No appointments, no office hours.

When we started our collaboration, Summer Health understood that connecting parents from symptoms to relief was vital. So the brand stepped into a connector role and emphasized quick access to care. We worked closely with the founding members to define the personality of Summer Health, turning the time it takes to receive care into a symbol of hope.

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Summer Health's new brand system simplifies access to pediatric care

Summer Health wanted to make it easy for people to navigate to pediatricians and get advice, so we created a brand role that acted as a navigator to guide people to the right information and resources. We used icons to represent different medical conditions, creating a warm and inviting system that emphasizes Summer Health's ability to navigate someone to the best medical advice.

The new brand system is flexible enough to speak to its target audience and efficient enough to expand, while still staying true to its core mission of simplifying access to healthcare.

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